Emergency Prep & Planning Walkthrough 9

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Emergency Prep & Planning Walkthrough 9

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Question: In this picture, is there a sturdy shelter available to direct the visitors to in case of inclement weather?


No, there is no sturdy shelter available.


A sturdy farm shelter is available for protection from storms and other weather hazards.

Emergency Prep & Planning Walkthrough 9

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • The shelter has a capacity greater than the number of anticipated guests.
  • The structure(s) will provide protection from any anticipated hazards, such as storms, extreme heat or cold, etc.
  • Workers know when to have guests take shelter and will actively guide guests to safe shelter areas.
  • Workers know to have visitors avoid low-lying areas during and immediately after storms.
  • An operational weather radio will be monitored during hours when guests are present.
  • A Weather Safety Plan has been developed as part of the Emergency Response Plan (see below).


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