Emergency Prep & Planning Walkthrough 5

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Emergency Prep & Planning Walkthrough 5

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Question: Is there any hindrance in easily seeing and retrieving the fire extinguisher?


Yes, visibility/access to the fire extinguisher is hindered.


Appropriate fire extinguishers are easy to identify and retrieve.

Clothing and other items should not be draped over the fire extinguisher, hiding it from view.

Emergency Prep & Planning Walkthrough 5

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Fire extinguishers are clearly marked and regularly maintained (Fire Extinguisher Plan).
  • If fire extinguishers are within children’s reach, steps should be taken to prevent access by children, such as a case or cabinet.
  • If fire extinguishers are not visible, a Fire Extinguisher Sign should be posted to indicate their presence.
  • There are fire extinguishers located in several areas throughout the operation.
  • Workers know how to use a fire extinguisher and where they are located.
  • Smoke detectors are located in all buildings and are in working order.
  • A Fire Evacuation Plan is posted for everyone to see how to escape quickly
  • A Fire Safety Plan (including the evacuation plan) is in place for all buildings and for outdoor venues that may be susceptible to wildfires or grass fires.
  • All workers are familiar with the Fire Safety Plan and regularly review it.


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