Emergency Prep & Planning Walkthrough 10

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Emergency Prep & Planning Walkthrough 10

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Question: Is the child pictured dressed inappropriately for cold weather?


Yes, this child is dressed inappropriately for cold weather.


Workers are aware of low temperature and wind chill dangers, and know to advise and monitor guests, especially those dressed inappropriately.

Emergency Prep & Planning Walkthrough 10

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • If a prescheduled event is arranged, inform visitors prior to arrival that children need clothing suitable for the weather conditions.
  • Watch visitors for exposed skin and signs of frostbite such as numbness and white or grayish-yellow skin areas.
  • Know the signs of hypothermia, and immediately move anyone exhibiting these signs to a heated area and contact emergency personnel.
  • Provide a heated shelter for guests to warm up (and for guests who have failed to bring adequate clothing).


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