Play Area Walkthroughs

Playground injuries account for over 200,000 estimated emergency room visits each year. Unfortunately, children often do not recognize or understand the potential hazards found in play areas.

Common causes of playground-related injuries:

  • Falls
  • Equipment related hazards (breakage, tip-over, etc.)
  • Entrapment
  • Colliding with other children or playground equipment

Common causes of playground-related deaths:

  • Entanglement (ropes, leashes or clothing)
  • Falls
  • Impact from equipment tip-over or structure failure

The “walkthroughs” that follow encompass safety guidelines, recommendations and resources that address these hazards.1



The pictures on the following pages may depict some items and/or situations which are hazardous or unsafe. They are intended to assist in the identification of unsafe situations, and therefore may not represent “best practices”. If you have questions about any of the pictures or the situations depicted, please contact us at


A "Walkthrough" refers to "walking through" or looking through a series of pictures, and deciding if they show hazards and/or safety items, or if safety items are lacking. After evaluating the pictures and giving an answer, a correction will appear with additional guidelines, recommendations and resources.