Agritourism Safety

Agritourism Safety

Agritourismactivities that bring visitors to a farm or ranch – is seen more often today than ever before. Types of agritourism operations vary: corn mazes, pumpkin patches, pick your own operations, dude ranches, and more.

As agritourism continues to grow in popularity, implementing safety strategies to help maximize fun and minimize liability is increasingly important. This website provides tools and resources that can assist and educate.

To help keep visitors safe, use these walkthroughs, checklists and resources to implement safety best practices. It’s easy and fun. For additional tips on getting the best out of this site, please review: How to Use this Site.

Learn more about safety on farms.

For additional information on keeping children safe on farms, visit the National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety website.


Rules Sign Review


Interactive “walkthroughs” use photos to contrast improper practices with best practices and guidelines. The walkthroughs help you learn what hazards to look for and how to identify them.


Rules Sign Correction


Checklists can be printed and used to conduct customized walkthroughs on a farm. Completing the checklists identifies and documents safety issues and hazards on the farm.




The resource page is loaded with signs, policies, logs and other practical, ready-to-print items, providing the tools needed to address the safety issues found by using the checklists.