Emergency Prep & Planning Walkthrough 3

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Emergency Prep & Planning Walkthrough 3

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Question: Does this first aid “kit” appear to be missing items that should be present in a well-stocked first aid kit?


Yes, this first aid kit is missing items.


First aid kits need to be regularly inspected and stocked.

Emergency Prep & Planning Walkthrough 3

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • First aid kits are regularly inspected and supplies replaced as needed.
    • Inspections are documented on a regular basis (at least monthly).
    • Expiration dates of all items in the first aid kit are checked and expired products replaced.
    • Items in the first aid kits are replaced immediately after use.
  • First aid kits are placed in several areas on the farm.
  • First Aid Kit Signs should be placed on drawers or cabinets to indicate that the first aid kits are stored in them.
  • All workers know where the first aid kits are located.
  • Workers are trained in basic first aid and CPR.
  • Incident reports are filled out and placed in an Incident/Emergency Logbook and the Operations Report for any incident that involves:
    • Injury to an employee or visitor.
    • Damage to equipment or the workplace.
    • A serious expression of dissatisfaction from a visitor or employee.
  • Workers encourage guests to immediately report any illness or injury. First aid is administered as soon as possible.
  • Maps are available with routes to the nearest clinic/hospital sites.


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