Farmers’ Markets Walkthrough 8

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Farmers' Markets Walkthrough 8

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Question: What type of hazard is presented by the stand with the green canopy?

A.) Color blindness from the tarp color.
B.) Financial hazard due to lack of customers.
C.) Trip hazard from support poles.

The canopy presents a trip hazard from its support poles.


The support poles are surrounded at the base with plants to keep visitors from tripping over them or running into them.

The front of the stand is clearly marked with signage.

Farmers' Markets Walkthrough 8

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Any ropes, wires, stakes or other types of trip hazards are marked with bright colors, ties or otherwise made obvious or inaccessible to guests.
  • Paths/walkways are set up to avoid congestion and keep visitors away from traffic and farm hazards.
  • All paths and walkways are well maintained (smooth, free of holes, trip hazards and debris).
  • Any areas that are off limits to visitors are clearly marked.

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