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Farmers' Markets Walkthrough 2

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Question: How are the waste products from these portable toilets disposed of?

A.) Emptied onto the ground directly behind the toilets.
B.) Picked up by a waste sanitation company.
C.) Spread on a field for use as a fertilizer.

Waste products are picked up by a waste sanitation company.


Human waste (sewer sludge) must be picked up by sanitation companies and treated before being used as a fertilizer.

Farmers' Markets Walkthrough 2

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Stringent federal standards must be met for treated sewer sludge (biosolids) to be approved as a fertilizer.¹
  • Federal regulations include limits for metals, pathogen reduction standards, site restrictions, crop harvesting restrictions and monitoring, record keeping, and reporting requirements for land applied biosolids.
  • Disposal and use of biosolids is subject to state, and possibly local regulations, as well as federal regulations.
  • Note: for produce to be sold or labeled as 100% organic, sewage sludge cannot be used. ²


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