Farmers’ Markets Walkthrough 5

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Farmers' Markets Walkthrough 5

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Question: What is missing from this photo at a 'Pick Your Own' apple orchard?

A.) Adult supervision.
B.) Ladder to help the girl reach the apple.
C.) Water to wash the apples with.

The child has no adult supervision.


Children must be supervised when visiting a 'Pick Your Own' operation, at farmers' markets or any type of farm.

Farmers' Markets Walkthrough 5

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Policies are in place for supervision of children in groups (e.g. school tours)1,2,3 and employees are trained on these policies.
  • Signs are posted indicating the rules/instructions.
  • Guests are informed not to consume unwashed produce.
  • Handwashing facilities are provided for guests to wash their hands after handling produce.
  • Signs indicate that the handwashing station is not to be used to wash produce.
  • If an area is provided for guests to wash produce:
    • It is a separate station from the handwashing station.
    • It uses potable water, suitable for drinking.
  • All walkways are well maintained, smooth and free of trip hazards and garbage.
  • Adequate parking, signage and other safety strategies are in place for visitors.


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