Farmers’ Markets Walkthrough 7

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Farmers' Markets Walkthrough 7

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Question: What is the problem with the location of this farm stand?

A.) Customers may not see the stand.
B.) The road isn’t busy enough to provide an adequate number of customers.
C.) Road-side location provides opportunity for vehicles to drive into the farm stand.

Vehicles can drive into the farm stand.


Farm stands/markets are located away from the road to provide protection from distracted drivers and traffic.

Farmers' Markets Walkthrough 7

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Farm stands are located well off the road, down a side road or driveway.
  • Adequate parking for the expected number of visitors must be provided.
  • Parking area is distant from the road and does not require visitors to cross the road to get to the farm stand.
  • Signs are posted 1/2 mile before the farm stand to warn visitors the farm stand is coming up.
  • A sign is posted just before the turn to the farm stand to inform visitors of its location.

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