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Farmers' Markets Walkthrough 1

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Question: Which of the following would not be a good fertilization method for this crop?

A.) Place granular fertilizers around plant base.
B.) Pour on fish emulsion diluted with water.
C.) Spread raw manure over plants.

It would not be good to spread raw manure over plants.


Raw manure should never be used to top dress fruit and vegetable crops.

Farmers' Markets Walkthrough 1

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Raw manure is used to build fertility before planting:
    • It needs to be incorporated into the soil.
    • The field or garden area is not planted until two weeks after manure application.
  • Interval between raw manure application and harvesting
    • 90 days if edible portion of crop does not come into contact with soil.
    • 120 days if edible portion is in contact with soil (e.g. tomatoes, peppers, etc.).
  • Develop strategies to discourage trespassing by wild animals (inadvertent fertilization/contamination):
    • Strategies may include fencing, netting, motion detectors connected to sprinklers or lights, etc.
    • Do not harvest produce from areas with animal manure present.
  • Keep pets and other domestic animals out of crop areas to prevent contamination from feces.
  • Proper composting of manure will kill pathogens:
    • Compost much reach an internal temperature of 131°-170°F.
    • Temperature must be maintained for the appropriate length of time.

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