Farmers’ Markets Walkthrough 4

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Farmers' Markets Walkthrough 4

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Question: If these crates were used to bring produce to the processing area from the field, what must be done before they are used to transport produce to market after processing?

A.) Crates are cleaned and sanitized.
B.) Crates are transported to processing area.
C.) Crates must be cooled.

The crates are cleaned and sanitized.


Crates that are used to transport produce from the field must be cleaned and sanitized before being used to transport produce to market, or different containers must be used. Clean and dirty containers must be kept separate.

Farmers' Markets Walkthrough 4

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Crates used solely to transport produce to market must also be cleaned and sanitized between each use.
  • Clean and sanitize surfaces and equipment in processing area:
    • Before produce is brought in.
    • On a regular schedule – at least at the beginning and end of each day.
    • Household chlorine bleach (1 Tbs. bleach/gallon of water) is sufficient for basic disinfection, and contacts the surface for at least one minute or is allowed to air dry (2 Tbs. bleach/gallon of water for non-food contact surfaces).
  • Avoid placing dirty containers from the field on clean/sanitized surfaces intended for “clean produce”.
  • Use clean water suitable for drinking to rinse produce; water temperature no more than 10 degrees cooler than produce.
  • Cool fruits and vegetables quickly to minimize growth of harmful bacteria and to preserve quality.
  • Appropriate hand washing and restroom facilities are available for workers in the processing area.
  • All workers are trained on proper procedures for washing and transporting produce.

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