Farmers’ Markets Walkthrough 6

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Farmers' Markets Walkthrough 6

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Question: Why would this truck be a poor choice for transporting produce to market?

A.) Chickens would damage the produce.
B.) Contamination from chicken manure.
C.) Not spacious enough.

The produce would face contamination from chicken manure.


Do not use trucks/vehicles to transport produce that have been used to carry livestock, pets, raw manure or harmful chemicals, as it can contaminate the produce.

Farmers' Markets Walkthrough 6

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • If you must use vehicles that carried livestock, pets, manure or chemicals, thoroughly wash, rinse and sanitize them.
  • Pack produce in covered containers to prevent contamination.
  • Use only clean and sanitized or new containers to transport produce to market.
  • Pack produce carefully to prevent damage like bruises or cuts, which provide entry points for organisms and/or hasten spoilage.
  • Ice used in transport should be made of water suitable for drinking.
  • If freezer gel packs are used for cooling, clean and sanitize after each use and inspect for leakage.

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