Climbing / Overhead Walkthrough 7

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Climbing / Overhead Walkthrough 7

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Question: What is the safety issue associated with this homemade playground 'ride'?

A.) Homemade zip-line type of equipment should not be used on agritourism operations.
B.) No protective surfacing (ground cover) present.
C.) Both A & B are true.

Homemade zip-line equipment shouldn't be used on agritourism operations AND there is no protective ground cover.


Track rides are a safe alternative to homemade zip-line type of equipment.

Ground cover must be present to provide protection in the event of a fall.

Climbing / Overhead Walkthrough 7

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Track rides require significant upper body strength and the judgment to know when it is safe to let go, so are not suitable for toddlers or preschool children.
  • There are no obstacles along the path of the ride, including the take-off and landing areas.
  • Two track rides next to each other must be at least 4 feet apart.
  • Ride handles are 64-78 inches above the protective surfacing (ground cover).
  • Rolling parts are enclosed to prevent crush hazards.
  • Nothing is ever tied to any moving part of a track ride.
  • Zip lines, when present on agritourism operations, must be professionally installed, inspected and maintained.
    • Check with your insurance agent before installing zip lines.
    • See local/state standards and regulations for information specific to your area.

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