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Climbing / Overhead Walkthrough 1

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Question: Why is this type of climber not acceptable on an agritourism operation?

A.) Children don’t like to play on this type of equipment.
B.) It has rigid parts inside the structure.
C.) It isn’t well maintained.

It has rigid parts inside the structure.


Climbers and climbing equipment do not have climbing bars or other rigid parts in the interior of the climber that children could fall on.

Climbing / Overhead Walkthrough 1

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Other guidelines for all types of climbing equipment include:
    • All rungs on climbing equipment are generally round and secured to prevent them from turning.
    • Maximum rung diameter for toddlers is 1.20 inches (preferred 0.90) and for preschool/school age maximum diameter is 1.55 inches (preferred 1.25).
  • Use zone extends a minimum of 6 feet from the perimeter of a stand-alone climber.
  • Use zone of a climber may overlap other equipment if other equipment allows for overlapping use zones and there is at least 6 feet between the two pieces of equipment (9 feet when adjacent play surfaces are more than 30 inches high).
  • Appropriate surfacing guidelines must be followed underneath and around equipment.
  • Signs are posted to indicate the appropriate age and rules for play equipment.

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