Inflatable Rides Walkthrough 8

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Inflatable Rides Walkthrough 8

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Question: The wrinkles in this inflatable ride are one indication that this ride may not be fully inflated. Why would it be dangerous for this girl to jump on a partially inflated ride?

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Injuries can occur when children play on rides not fully inflated.


Inflatable rides are fully inflated when in use by visitors.

Inflatable Rides Walkthrough 8

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Inflatable rides are set up so they will not collapse onto the riders if the power to the blowers unexpectedly fails.1
  • Electrical supplies and blowers are checked before each use.
  • If a ride starts to deflate, the operator/supervisor immediately evacuates the ride and shuts it down.
  • If a ride is shut down, a sign is posted and the ride is monitored to ensure visitors don’t try to use it.
  • Inspections of all rides are done on a regular basis, per manufacturer’s instructions.2


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