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Inflatable Rides Walkthrough 7

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Question: If it gets windy out, what needs to be done with inflatable rides?

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Inflatable rides must be shut down when it gets windy.


Inflatable rides are operated during good weather, and never when it’s windy.

Inflatable Rides Walkthrough 7

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Check and comply with manufacturer’s instructions for maximum wind-speeds for operation, including unloading and deflating an inflatable ride when wind-speeds exceed 25 mph (or wind-speed maximum listed by manufacturer).
  • Inflatable rides are never operated during storms, when lightening is present, or any other time during bad weather conditions.
  • Inflatable rides are never operated when wet (e.g. jumping pillow directly after rain).
  • In sunny/hot climates, monitor the surface of jumping pillows and exposed areas of inflatable rides to ensure surfaces are not hot (burn hazard).
  • If a ride is closed, a sign is posted to inform guests to keep out/off the ride.1,2


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