Inflatable Rides Walkthrough 1

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Inflatable Rides Walkthrough 1

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Question: What would need to be present at this inflatable ride before children would be allowed on the jumping pillow?

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At least one adult operator needs to be present.


Inflatable bounce rides must have at least one adult operator.¹

More adults may be added to fulfill supervision needs.²

Inflatable Rides Walkthrough 1

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • All adults are trained on how to supervise this activity, including knowledge of the rules and all safety issues.
  • Operators/supervisors need to enforce all the rules.
  • Operators/supervisors must actively supervise the ride and children, and not be distracted by non-related conversations, texting, etc.
  • Operators/supervisors are knowledgeable about emergency response and capable of responding to emergencies.
  • Operators/supervisors have a copy of the operation manual available for reference.


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