Inflatable Rides Walkthrough 6

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Inflatable Rides Walkthrough 6

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Question: What would need to be present at this inflatable ride before children should be allowed on the jumping pillow?

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Protective ground cover needs to be present around inflatable rides.


Because children are propelled into the air and potentially off the side of the jumping pillow, ground cover extends a minimum of 6 feet around the jumping pillow.

Inflatable Rides Walkthrough 6

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • The inflatable ride is positioned with an appropriate use zone around it, so children participating in other activities don’t collide with children using the ride.1
  • The operator/supervisor keeps all observers away from the ride and outside of the use zone, including parents.
  • A barrier, such as a fence, may be helpful in keeping non-riders out of the use zone.


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