Inflatable Rides Walkthrough 2

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Inflatable Rides Walkthrough 2

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Question: Why would this family not be allowed to jump together on a jumping pillow or in a bounce house?

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People jumping on inflatable rides must be about the same age/size.


The children jumping on the jumping pillow need to be of similar age/size.¹

Inflatable Rides Walkthrough 2

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Shoes must be removed prior to jumping.
  • No jewelry, eyeglasses or other sharp/loose objects are worn.
  • All items are removed from pockets, especially anything hard or sharp.
  • No toys, balls or other objects are brought in or left in/on inflatable rides.
  • Rides are inspected prior to each use for any toys or objects left in/on the ride.
  • Follow manufacturer’s instruction for maximum weight per rider, maximum number of riders, and maximum loads per ride.


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