Fall Protection & Use Zones Walkthrough 1

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Fall Protection & Use Zones Walkthrough 1

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Question: What is missing in this play area that will greatly reduce the chance of a child being injured?

A.) Metal slides.
B.) Protective ground cover.
C.) Wood play equipment.

Protective ground cover is missing.


The odds of being injured from a fall are cut in half when there is an impact absorbing surface (ground cover) present under play equipment.

Fall Protection & Use Zones Walkthrough 1

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Falls are the most common cause of injuries on playgrounds, so protective ground cover is vitally important.
  • Hard surfacing materials, such as asphalt or concrete, are unsuitable for use under/around play equipment of any height. A one foot fall onto concrete can cause a concussion.
  • Grass and dirt do not provide adequate protection from falls. Falling eight feet onto dirt is comparable to a child smashing into a brick wall at 30 mph.

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