Equipment Do’s & Don’ts Walkthrough 4

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Equipment Do’s & Don’ts Walkthrough 4

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Question: What major safety issue is highlighted by the yellow circle in this picture?

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The two pieces of play equipment are too close together.


Play equipment is spaced far enough apart to prevent injuries.

Equipment Do’s & Don’ts Walkthrough 4

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Appropriate use zones are present around play equipment to prevent injury from:
    • Falling from one structure into another.
    • Swing hitting a person, structure or another piece of equipment.
    • Spaced so children will not run into each other as they get on and off the equipment.
  • More information on appropriate use zones can be found in the “Fall Protection and Use Zones” walkthrough.
  • Note: Hard plastic, wood or metal swings should not be used, as children can be injured if hit by them.

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