Equipment Do’s & Don’ts Walkthrough 8

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Equipment Do’s & Don’ts Walkthrough 8

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Question: Why is the loose bolt on this equipment a problem?

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Children can catch clothing or skin on loose bolts. Loose bolts, screws or nails can also weaken play structures.


Bolts and screws are tightened completely.

Equipment Do’s & Don’ts Walkthrough 8

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Play equipment and surfaces are well maintained.
  • Check play equipment for hazards and repair/replace as needed. Play equipment should be:
    • Free of broken or missing parts.
    • Free of rust, slivers or peeling paint.
    • Plastic equipment should be free of cracks and holes.
    • No bolt ends, screws, nails or other protrusions extend beyond 1/16”.
  • All play equipment and structures are also checked regularly for unwanted pests, nests, beehives, etc.

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