Equipment Do’s & Don’ts Walkthrough 9

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Equipment Do’s & Don’ts Walkthrough 9

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Question: These buckets were left in the play area after the construction crew finished working. Why is this a problem?

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These pails contain chemicals toxic to children and are never left in areas accessible to children.


All tools, chemicals, stains, glues and other containers must be cleared out of play areas after construction is complete and before children are present.

Equipment Do’s & Don’ts Walkthrough 9

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • After construction is complete, regular maintenance needs to be done. This includes cutting grass and/or removing snow.
  • Periodically rake/replace/augment loose-fill ground cover.
  • Periodically seal, stain or paint wood structures to prevent deterioration, and remove tools and chemicals when finished.
  • Regularly replace sand/water in sandboxes and sand/water tables to avoid contamination by animal waste, pathogens or insects.
  • Regularly inspect for garbage, debris, animal feces and other hazardous materials (e.g. needle syringes), and clean areas appropriately.


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