Traffic & Parking Walkthrough 4

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Traffic & Parking Walkthrough 4

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Question: Would this parking area be confusing for a visitor who was told to park his vehicle here?


Yes, the parking area is not easy to identify.


The parking area is easily identifiable.

Traffic & Parking Walkthrough 4

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • The parking area is far away from any attractions where children will be gathering at or exiting from.
  • There is adequate parking for the number of vehicles.
  • There is a separate exit and entrance into and out of the parking lot if feasible.
  • Parking areas are free of brush, long grass, steep grades and trip hazards.
  • An alternate parking plan has been mapped out in the event that rain or mud (or something else) prevents parking in the designated area.
  • Guests are not allowed to park on public roads.

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