Traffic & Parking Walkthrough 1

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Traffic & Parking Walkthrough 1

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Question: This area is approximately ½ mile from the turn off for the agritourism operation. Is there a sign present that indicates the attraction is coming up and how far it is to the operation?


No, there is no sign.


Large, easy to read signs with the operation’s name and distance are located a half mile from the farm entrance in each direction on the road.

Traffic & Parking Walkthrough 1

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Make sure to check on local sign ordinances and with the Department of Transportation before posting signs.
  • The lettering on the sign is large enough to be read by passengers in passing vehicles.
  • There is a sign located at the turn off (road or driveway) to indicate where to turn.
  • The sign is checked periodically to ensure that nothing obstructs viewing, such as trees, tall grass, snow mounds, etc.

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