Petting Zoo Safety Walkthrough 2

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Transition Area Sign Review

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Question: What is missing from this entrance to the animal area?

A.) Animals.
B.) Latch for the gate.
C.) Sign to indicate which items cannot be brought into area.

Entrance is missing a sign to indicate which items cannot be brought into area.


The transition area has a sign indicating prohibited items.

Transition Area Sign Correction

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Visitors are given information (through signs/handouts/verbally) before they enter animal contact areas informing them that:
    • Animals can cause injuries or carry germs that can cause serious illness.
    • How to reduce the risks (e.g., no food, drink, smoking, pacifiers, spill-proof cups, etc. in animal areas).
    • Individuals at high risk for serious infection must be extra careful or avoid animal exhibits.
  • Information is provided in simple and easy-to-understand formats that are age and language appropriate.
  • Provide information in multiple formats (e.g., signs, stickers, handouts, verbal) and languages.
  • Establish storage or holding areas for strollers and related items.


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