Large Animal Safety Walkthrough 8

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Large Animal Safety Walkthrough 8

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Question: Is there anything wrong with the (visitor) pony ride depicted in this picture?


Yes. Proper apparel for pony rides include long pants and closed toed shoes. Proper equipment includes appropriate length stirrups and riding helmets.


Hand-led rides, such as pony rides, require similar apparel to horseback riding: long pants, closed toed shoes with a distinguishable heel, and equestrian helmets.

Adult supervisors should also be wearing protective footwear.

Large Animal Safety Walkthrough 8

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Hand-led rides are recommended for those that cannot control their own animals. This includes children, novice riders, and those with disabilities.1
  • If used, miniature livestock receive the same amount of training and care as regular livestock.
  • Conduct hand-led rides in a contained area free of hazards and other loose livestock.
  • Employees are trained on hand-led riding techniques and are familiar with the rider’s abilities and the animals.2
  • The employee maintains control of the lead throughout the visitor’s interaction with the animal (i.e. petting, mounting, riding, etc.).
  • Visitors are never allowed to ride without employee supervision.


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