Large Animal Safety Walkthrough 2

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Large Animal Safety Walkthrough 2

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Question: Are there any signs in this 'transition area' to inform guests about the animals and what is appropriate to bring into this area?


No, there are no signs present indicating an entrance to an animal area.


In transition areas, visitors are visually (signs) and verbally informed of how to behave in the animal and what not to bring into the animal areas.

Large Animal Safety Walkthrough 2

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Signs to post in this area include:
    • Animals are present.
    • Anyone with open wounds or compromised immune systems should not enter.
    • Items that should not be brought into this area include food, beverages, pacifiers, bottles, cups, toys, etc.
    • Nothing should be placed in the mouth while visiting the animal area.
    • Under no circumstances is eating or drinking allowed in the animal area.
  • Trash receptacles are available in this area for visitors to dispose of prohibited items.
  • Staff members assigned to the animal contact area should be knowledgeable about risks and mechanisms of injuries, disease transmission from animals to humans, and the best prevention measures.
  • Staff members are trained to identify and reduce risks for visitors, explain this information to visitors, and ensure visitor compliance.


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