Large Animal Safety Walkthrough 7

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Large Animal Safety Walkthrough 7

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Question: Is there any additional apparel recommended for riding that these visitors are not wearing?


Yes, equestrian helmets are an important part of riding gear.


Equestrian helmets are worn when riding.

Large Animal Safety Walkthrough 7

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • All visitors are informed of the risks of riding and the injuries which can be prevented by wearing a helmet when riding.
  • Helmets in various sizes are available for visitor use, and all visitors are strongly encouraged to wear them.
  • In addition to helmets, employees verify that visitors are wearing the correct footwear.
  • Employees also provide visitors with an orientation, explaining the rules and other information prior to riding.1
  • Information on appropriate riding apparel, liability waivers and other pertinent information/forms are provided to visitors before arrival.2
  • Employees are trained and knowledgeable about large animal safety and able to share this knowledge with visitors.3,4,5


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