Large Animal Safety Walkthrough 6

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Large Animal Safety Walkthrough 6

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Question: Is the animal pictured the appropriate size for a younger child to be interacting with?


No, the child should not be inside the pen with large animals.


Large animals are kept separated from all visitors, including children, with a fence.

Large Animal Safety Walkthrough 6

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Large animals are not brought out of stalls or corrals, and adult supervision is provided.
  • All animals in contact with visitors are clean, healthy and up to date on vaccinations.
  • Animals known to be infected or from herds with a recent history of abortion, diarrhea, or respiratory disease are not used with visitors.
  • Animals are housed in a manner that minimizes the risk of disease, injury, stress and overcrowding, and animal areas are easy to clean.
  • Visitors are told to immediately report animal bites, scratches or scrapes to workers, who should administer first aid as soon as possible.
  • Employees know how to comply with local and state requirements for reporting injuries from animals and stay informed on zoonotic diseases.

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