Supervision Walkthrough 4

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Supervision Walkthrough 4

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Question: What is the problem with the adult supervision depicted here?

A.) Adult is allowing children to play on unsafe equipment.
B.) Adult is distracted, texting instead of watching children.
C.) Number of adults is insufficient for the number of children present.

The adult is distracted, texting instead of watching children.


Adults do not text, talk or browse on cell phones or electronic tablets while supervising children. Their attention remains on the children.

Supervision Walkthrough 4

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Talking between adults who are supervising children is minimal, as this distracts them from watching children.
  • Adults acting as chaperones do not bring additional children with them. This disrupts the adult/child ratio, and additional children, especially when younger, will distract adult attention from the children they are supervising.
  • Child/Adult assignments:
    • Each child has an adult assigned to them, and knows who that adult is.
    • Adults are responsible for knowing where their assigned children are at all times.
    • Children are informed to immediately report to their responsible adult when called.

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