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Other Equipment Walkthrough 5

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Question: Is this seesaw safe for children to play on?


No, this fulcrum seesaw is in poor condition, has footrests, and there is no protective ground cover.


Seesaws need to be in good condition and have protective ground cover in place.

Spring centered seesaws, unlike fulcrum seesaws, need to have footrests.

Other Equipment Walkthrough 5

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Typical “fulcrum” seesaws are not recommended for toddlers or preschool children, due to the complex way children are required to cooperate and combine their actions.
  • The fulcrum does not present a crush hazard.
  • For fulcrum seesaws, partial car tires or shock absorbing materials are embedded into the ground under the seats or secured to the underside of the seats (helps prevent limbs from being crushed between the seat and the ground and cushions impact).
  • Fulcrum seesaws do not have footrests.
  • Spring centered seesaws can be used by preschool children (children don’t need to coordinate actions).
  • Spring centered seesaws follow the requirements for spring rockers, including footrests.
  • Handholds are provided at each sitting position, do not turn, and do not protrude beyond the sides of the seat.
  • The use zone for all seesaws extends a minimum of 6 feet from each outside edge.

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