Other Equipment Walkthrough 3

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Other Equipment Walkthrough 3

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Question: Is there anything wrong with using this merry-go-round on an agritourism operation?


Yes. The wood on the merry-go-round is splintered/uneven and the platform is open in the center.


The rotating platform is continuous, approximately circular and has no sharp edges.

The merry-go-round is in good condition, with no splinters or rust.

Other Equipment Walkthrough 3

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • There are no openings between the axis and the periphery with a diameter of 5/16 inch or larger.
  • Merry-go-rounds are not used on playgrounds intended for toddlers.
  • The standing /sitting surface of the platform has a maximum height of 14 inches for preschool children and 18 inches for school-age children.
  • The underside of the bottom of the platform is no less than 9 inches above the protective surfacing.
  • Merry-go-round platforms do not have any up and down (oscillatory) motion.
  • No components of the apparatus extend beyond the perimeter of the platform, and no shearing or crush mechanisms are accessible.
  • There is a secure means of holding on for children.
  • Mechanism is in place to limit peripheral speed of rotation to 13 ft/sec.

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