Location & Design Walkthrough 3

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Location & Design Walkthrough 3

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Question: Does the creek on the right side of this play area present any danger to visitors?


Yes, the water is a drowning hazard.


The play area is located away from open water and drowning hazards, such as creeks, farm ponds and manure pits.

Location & Design Walkthrough 3

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • If the play area is not located away from open water or drowning hazards, the hazardous area is fenced2 off, posted with a sign1 and appropriate rescue equipment is located at the site.
  • Play areas that include open water for water activities, such as swimming, must have appropriate rescue equipment and children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • The play area is also located in an area that is sheltered from wind, dust and hazardous airborne particles.


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