Location & Design Walkthrough 2

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Location & Design Walkthrough 2

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Question: This building functions as a border on one side of the play area. Is this building, with these decorative items, a good choice to use for a border?


No, this is not a good choice for a border, as it contains several items hazardous to children.


Building and fences used as borders should not contain items that are hazardous to children.

Location & Design Walkthrough 2

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Buildings, fences and other borders in play areas are free of peeling paint, splinters and protruding nails and screws.
  • The play area is located at least 30 feet away from electrical sources and air conditioning units.
  • The play area is free of items that are sharp or rusty (e.g. saw blades).
  • Unstable items are not left in play areas (e.g. gates or tires leaning against a building).
  • The play area is located away from other hazards such as machinery.
  • The play area is also located away from anything that will produce loud noises.1


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