Fall Protection & Use Zones Walkthrough 6

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Fall Protection & Use Zones Walkthrough 6

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Question: In what type of area would this ground cover be a poor choice?

A.) Cold areas.
B.) Hot areas.
C.) Wet areas.

This ground cover would be a poor choice in hot areas.


In hot areas, black/dark colors of ground cover are not used, as they may become too hot for children to play on.

Fall Protection & Use Zones Walkthrough 6

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

When choosing and maintaining ground cover, the following factors should also be considered:

  • In areas with an abundance of fog or moisture, rubber may become slippery.
  • Do not use wood products in areas where red spiders and/or tarantulas are common.
  • Wood products may become dry and blow away in hot/dry climates or remain moist and foster germ growth in moister climates.
  • Sand and pea gravel may freeze in cold weather. Sand may compact over time, especially when wet.
  • Protective surfacing materials do not offer sufficient protection when frozen.
  • Check local and state resources for additional recommendations and guidelines.

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