Hayride Safety Walkthrough 5

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Hayride Safety Walkthrough 5

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Question: Should adults accompany children when they are on a hayride?


Yes, adults should accompany children on a hayride.


Adults need to accompany children on hayrides. (See Supervision Guidelines).

Hayride Safety Walkthrough 5

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Safety rules are clearly stated to guests and children once they are seated and ready for the ride.
  • These rules include:
    • No standing or crawling around the wagon.
    • No jumping on and off the moving wagon.
    • No hanging feet over the edge of the wagon.
    • No extra riders on the tractor, or up front with the driver.
    • Don’t approach or try to pet the horses.
  • Consider posting a sign with these rules in the area where the visitors board the wagon.


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