Hand Washing & Restrooms Walkthrough 2

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Hand Washing & Restrooms Walkthrough 2

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Question: In this area where there is no running water, is this hand washing station adequate?


No, these facilities are not adequate.


If possible, soap and clean water to wash hands should be provided, along with paper towels.

Hand Washing & Restrooms Walkthrough 2

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Water in buckets or tubs should never be used to wash hands. Water should always be “flowing”, so multiple people aren’t using the same water.
  • If soap and water is not feasible, hand sanitizer or hand cleansing wipes should be provided.
  • Cloth towels are avoided, as they may harbor germs and dirt. Only paper towels are used.
  • Instruct visitors to wash hands before eating or drinking, after petting or touching animals, and before departure.
  • Hand washing policies and procedures are known and followed by all employees, as well as communicated to guests.


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