Food Safety Walkthrough 2

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Food Safety Walkthrough 2

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Question: Are the hand washing facilities in the picture inadequate?


Yes, the hand washing facilities in this picture are inadequate.


Hand washing supplies (including soap) and warm running water are available in the food service area.

Paper towels are used to dry hands (cloth towels are not used).

Require food service people to thoroughly wash hands before preparing and handling food.

Food Safety Walkthrough 2

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • Hand washing facilities are available for guests, enabling them to wash hands before consuming food.
  • Add Handwashing Signs or banners (example link listed under resources).
  • A Handwashing Policy is in place and employees have been trained on proper hand washing (see links for hand washing policy and procedure).
  • A “No touch” paper towel dispenser helps prevent contamination.


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