Corn Maze Safety Walkthrough 3

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Question: Should this visitor be allowed to smoke in the corn maze?


No, visitors are not allowed to smoke in the corn maze.


Visitors are not allowed to smoke in the corn maze.

Smoke Correction

Additional Guidelines and Recommendations

  • A Fire Safety Plan is created for the corn maze and includes the following rules:
    • No open flame producing devices and/or equipment is allowed in the maze.
    • No smoking, cigarette lighters or matches allowed.
    • No candles or lanterns allowed.
  • The local fire department has a copy of the Fire Safety Plan, and is aware of the size and exact location of the maze.
  • Fire extinguishers are available to the individuals monitoring the maze.
  • Corn is planted later in the year, so it is still green during “corn maze season”, reducing the risk of fire.

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