Liability Laws

Insurance State 2Agritourism Laws

Some states have enacted legislation that limits your liability if you are conducting agritourism activities on your property. The National AgLaw Center Research website has a section on “State Agritourism Statutes”.1 However, it is noted on the website that it is updated every six months, so keep in mind that laws do change and new ones are enacted. You will need to verify that this information is current.

Recreational Use

Some states also have “Recreation Use” laws/statutes, which may be applicable to your operation. This legislation protects the owner of a property against liability when the land is open to the public for recreational use. These laws may only apply to non-income activities (e.g. farmer allows snowmobiles or ATV trails to cross his land) or may have an income limit associated with them.

Consult your attorney to determine if the laws in your state protect your operation from liability.