Getting the Best from this Website

Play Area Icon LargeHere are some guidelines on how to get the most value from this website. To get started, you’ll want to determine which agritourism topics are applicable to your specific scenario. Some topics should be reviewed by all farms, while others are tailored to specific agritourism operations. A list of recommended topics is included at the bottom of this page.

Once you have determined the topics pertinent to your farm, follow these next steps and use the Topic Checklist to track your progress.

  1. Review the walkthroughs (or informational pages) on your topics to learn about safety best practices/guidelines and how to identify safety hazards.
  2. When you reach the end of the walkthrough, print the checklist. While walking through your farm, fill out the checklist, which will help you identify and document which safety strategies you have in place, and which you need to implement.
  3. Visit the resources page, where you will find signs, policies, logs or other resources to help you address the safety issues you identified with the checklist. Use these free resources to address the safety issues, enter the date “fixed” on the checklist and keep for documentation purposes.