Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage 2Most farm/ranch policies are written to cover what an insurance carrier considers a “traditional” farm or ranch. The insurance carrier may consider your agritourism activities as “business” – not farming – and your policy may have exclusions or limitations. Your insurance company may require a commercial insurance policy, rather than a traditional farm or ranch policy.

  • Meet with your insurance agent regularly to discuss:
    • The activities you are providing.
    • The property you are using for agritourism activities.
    • The amount and type of coverage you need.
  • Be completely open and honest to avoid any surprises at claim time.
  • Do not assume information you received from one company is applicable to all companies:
    • Almost every insurance company has different policy language.
    • Some companies used standardized forms and some do not.
    • Companies with standardized forms may deviate from them for unique risks like agritourism.
  • Every insurance company has a different “risk tolerance”. One company may express more concern over an activity than another company. For example, one company may be comfortable insuring a pumpkin launcher, while another may not.