Pre-Event: Send Information to Organizer

Man with Phone and Notes

Send information to the group organizer about:

  • What to expect from the visit.
  • List of rules.
  • Supervision guidelines for children.
  • Apparel/Clothing recommendations:
    • Event appropriate: swimwear/swim shoes, horseback riding gear, etc.
    • Weather appropriate: inclusive list for hot/cold weather conditions.
    • Clothing shouldn’t be frayed, have loose or long strings, etc.
  • List of items to bring: water, sunscreen, bug repellent, etc.
  • List of items not to bring: pets, alcohol, devices with open flames (lighters, candles, portable grills, etc.).
  • Medical Information and Informed Consent Forms for children attending without parents.
  • A request to be notified of details about visitors with any special needs (such as disabilities or allergies).
  • Include the information that the Farm’s Emergency Response Plan is available upon request.