Medical Payments & Liability Coverage Issues

Insurance Coverage 4If the activities you offer are excluded from your policy, medical payments and liability coverage will typically be denied.

  • Generally farm/ranch or commercial policies provide coverage for injuries or accidents you are found liable for. Your insurance provider could exclude specific activities related to your agritourism operation that they are not comfortable insuring. During your review with your insurance agent, ask if there are any policy exclusions that would impact any of the activities in your operation.
  • If you have a farm/ranch policy, check it for a business exclusion. Business activities may be excluded from coverage.
    • Some insurance companies think of traditional farming activities as production farming or ranching and any additional revenue generating activities (such as agritourism) as a business.
    • If your insurance policy has a business exclusion, contact your insurance agent to determine how they intend to apply it in regards to your agritourism operation.
  • If alcohol is served at any events/activities, a separate liquor liability policy may be required. Check with your insurance agent.
  • Employers liability coverage may be denied if it is determined you should have a workers’ compensation policy.
    • Many states exempt farmers from workers compensation requirements, but agritourism activities may not meet the definition of “agriculture”, as it applies to farmers in the exemption.
    • Consult your attorney to determine how applicable laws affect your operation.